Dean Rush Author of Flying Free

BY DEAN RUSH | MAY 31, 2020

Dean is a military veteran and business leader with a heart to reach, teach and heal. He has served our country and his community with honor and passion. His book; "Flying Free" is a great read for those working through challenges and hardships. It is based on life-experiences Dean has championed, including being shot down in his fighter jet during the Vietnam War, and participating in hard decisions following the 9-11 attacks. Dean Rush teaches on ethical standards in business and life to help you better assess, plan and achieve outcomes.

Dean was raised on a farm in the Midwest and learned to fly at an early age eventually landing him in the Air Force as a career where he served as a pilot, test pilot, and Special Forces operations pilot during the Vietnam conflict. After leaving the Air Force Dean co-founded Emerald Airlines which was a small cargo / passenger airline as a feeder for Pan American World Airways.

He has been married for 52 years to his wife Vickie, has two children, and four grandchildren.
Dean is the recipient of:
a Silver Star,
the Distinguished Flying Cross, and
10 Air Medals for valor.


Dean has served on the Advisory Board of:
  • Piper Aircraft
  • Fairchild Aircraft
  • The National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA)
Dean has served as a Director of:
  • The General Aviation Manufacturers Association
  • The National Aircraft Resale Association and other trade organizations.
Over the years, Dean has been involved in ownership of a number of small businesses & served as president of :
  • A division of AMR Combs
  • Fairchild Dornier Aircraft Company
  • Signature Combs Aviation Aircraft Sales Company 
Following 9/11 Dean served on the Aviation Security Task Force which established procedures to allow safe travel on aircraft in the United States and Europe.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from DePauw University
  • Masters Degrees in Public Administration and Business Administration from Golden Gate University
  • Masters degree in Religious Studies from Liberty University

Flying Free Life After Crisis by Dean Rush

Dean Reads: the book...
"will help you avoid some of the turmoil during the times you're in free-fall and subsequently assist you to fly free from your problems. Perhaps it will help you avoid a crash landing when you finally come down to earth. We all find personal methods of recovering from crisis to crisis can also be a great opportunity for finding in the future."

"The student pilot learns many necessary actions and principles to safely operate a plane during preparation to become a qualified aviator. In addition to learning the basics of fair weather flight the pilot learns how to manage and aircraft in emergency situations objective for pilots to maintain aircraft control. Flight is best illustrated by the Emperors of the air the Eagle."

"If your intro all of the freedom of flight as I am one of the most majestic sites in the world is to see an eagle drop off its nest high on a cliff. At the top of the tree the eagle stands on the edge of the nest stretches those majestic wing 6 to 7 feet and then lifts above the surrounding tree and flies off on its mission."

Join Dean on a journey toward the rewards of faith, love and recovery.

Flying Free Narration by Dean Rush

"Baby Eagles 'eaglets' are quite a different story as they spend their first days of life out of the egg waiting to be fed they soon begin bobbing around the confines of the nest searching for way to fly free and become independent eagle seem to be constantly searching for freedom as they grow in the tour they're very interesting animals because their mobile their bold and they're monogamous a partner for life. Eagles protect their habitat in every possible manner and vigorously protect their young not too different from us as humans in many ways."


Flying Free Signed Hardback

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O·nus Pro·ban·di

"Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat" meaning: the burden of proof is on the claimant - not on the recipient!

Dean Rush Author of Flying Free

BY DEAN RUSH syndicated: MAY 31, 2020 last updated: JUNE 08, 2020

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