TRUTHFUL elements and content BADGES

Scotomaville Content Scoring BadgesConstant Change is Here to Stay

We're in an era of rapidly accelerating change(1) with over half of the worlds population on the internet(2).  It seems that most people don't trust what they find online(3) because as psychologist Robert Feldman believes; "60% of people lie during a typical 10-minute conversation".(4) Is that true?

You're Building a Walled Garden

Information companies leverage the hard work required by our minds to verify truth. It's far easier for us to remember images that support our current world view. "External reality on the one hand and the images we produce in our consciousness, on the other, are not the same. They differ vastly." (5) Alas - building information walled gardens is not just popular it's the 'attention economy' many institutions are surviving by.

Onus Probandi

To help with our quest for insights on wellness and longevity we've chosen to follow a strong code of ethics(6) which upholds the adage 'Onus Probandi'. This means the burden of proof is on the the author, not on the reader. (7) Wellness by choice implies an outcome we can chose. Living happier, healthier and longer requires effort - from us and from you. To make that simpler, we've created some content badges and a scoring system.

Truthful Elements

Visually similar to the periodic table of elements, we're developing a unique content scoring model to help classify information we syndicate. The badges below are intended to build a bridge of trust between the author and you. We believe that together we can summit our personal Everest and wellness challenges. Your comments, corrections and insights are valuable points of view that we want to include in the scoring and development of excellence.(8)


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