Scotomaville A.I. Self Mastery Course

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AI Self Mastery Course

"Authors and storytellers, as deep thinkers, cherish narratives that weave complexity with nuance. We craft content that nurtures both intellect and creativity. This course is infused with a balance of warmth, depth, and insight, resonating with creators' hearts and minds. It will connect with your passion for storytelling, your journey of personal growth, and the exciting possibilities of integrating technology into your art."

Daniel Comp
Course Facilitator - Scotomaville Author/Curator
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This course is especially suited for self-motivated personal development candidates, including:

  • Curious Explorers
  • Ambitious Entrepreneurs
  • Functional Aspergians
  • Military Veterans
  • Veteran Service Providers
  • Wounded Warriors
  • Christian Storytellers
  • Noble Fathers
  • Fatherless Champions
  • Ethical AI Constituents


'A.I Self Mastery' is more than a course; it is a voyage of discovery and transformation. It invites participants to ‘follow in the way I began,’ embracing the dual pursuit of technological literacy and self-mastery. By bridging the gap between the Scotomaville Trilogy and the potential of AI, it opens the door to a future where individuals are not merely users of technology but architects of their destinies.

Through interactive sessions, animated narratives from renowned domain experts, and real-world applications, learners will uncover the mysteries of AI and delve into the depths of self-awareness. The course fosters a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, encouraging continued exploration, collaboration, and the pursuit of knowledge.


Don't Just Learn - Experience: This isn't just another course. It's an interactive, transformational journey. By blending self-paced exploration with collaborative discussions, you'll be empowered to harness the true potential of AI, all while charting a path of personal and professional growth.

Through a series of interactive sessions, participants will engage with the teachings of Scotomaville, coupled with hands-on experiences with various AI tools. Animated narratives from renowned domain experts will further enrich the learning journey, drawing connections between the virtues and wisdom of these figures and the course content.

The format of each of the eight sessions highlights the progressive nature of the learning experience, from initial exposure to mastery and collaboration.

Dive In with a Preview:
  • Begin with an engaging 20-minute video that showcases the transformative skills and tools you're about to acquire.
Engage & Reflect:
  • Use our tailored worksheet to jot down insights, sparking moments of revelation as you delve into session topics.
Hands-on Exploration:
  • Immerse yourself in critical thinking exercises and interact with cutting-edge tools, mastering new skills each step of the way.
Track & Transform:
  • Chart your progress and witness your expanding self-awareness. With each session, you'll learn the art of crafting better, more insightful questions (prompts).
Collaborate & Connect:
  • Join our secure online classroom to share your discoveries, engage with fellow participants, and gain diverse perspectives on session topics.
Interactive Insights Session:
  • Attend a live group Zoom where you'll refine your newfound skills, share personal insights, and learn from the experiences of others.


Demystify AI:
To unravel the complexities of AI, fostering a foundational understanding and proficiency in tools like ChatGPT, Dalle2, and ElevenLabs.
Illuminate Self-Mastery:
To delve into the depths of self-awareness and realization, utilizing the philosophical tenets of historical sages as a compass for exploration.
Empower through Application:
To equip participants with the skills to harness AI in solving real-world challenges, exemplifying the transformative journey depicted in the Scotomaville Trilogy.
Foster Community and Continued Learning:
To cultivate a community of learners, encouraging ongoing exploration, collaboration, and the pursuit of knowledge.


Learning Outcomes
Establish foundational knowledge and account setup with AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Dalle2, D-ID, and ElevenLabs.
Develop AI prompting strategies for super-reasoning capabilities.
Apply AI to real-world business scenarios to solve challenges.
Develop literacy in AI for self-mastery and legacy-building.