We have super-computers pointed at our brain. 'Know Thyself' is no longer a luxury, it's a full-out competition.

We have super-computers pointed at our brain. 'Know Thyself' is no longer a luxury, it's a full-out competition.

Abundant SCOTOMAVILLE Scarcity in Badlands National Park


We are now in the Badlands National Park, far from SCOTOMAVILLE. We're reflecting on the episode on abundant scarcity. I want to give you a strong sense of encouragement and curiosity to summit your Personal Everest and to record your journey to be an observer of your progress out of SCOTOMAVILLE. In this episode, I wanted to see if there would appear opportunities for learning in addition to those in Volume 1 and those in Volume 2.



One of the ways that scarcity shows up in my thinking is with fault finding - by finding things that are broken, or need work. I find things that demonstrate a failure or potential failure maybe because that's where I found value and recognition by fixing things. So Airstreaming is perfect for that.

I find that having fix-it skills gives me much more time to appreciate the journey. Recording images along the way creates value, especially when the next broken thing surfaces, or when I'm transcribing the video transcript.

For example: when you pull away from a dump station with a tight turn you go from having an abundance of tire tread to lots of scarcity. On the other hand, there are images worth remembering, such as this.

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In the Scotomaville abstract is the idea that you can dance with the invisible world. When you offer yourself for good, and fully commit to changing your behavior through observation, opportunities for learning to present themselves. They'll often look like things that want to stop you from either recording or proceeding with your episode or even with your entire series.



Yesterday I heard a Stuart Varney say: "history is an excellent teacher if you're paying attention"

At this point in the production of this episode, we set up our campsite at Badlands National Park. Soon afterward I heard honking from a Ford F150. It wasn't from my truck. It was parked behind us with another Airstream.

We motioned to each other and started talking.

Two hours later I came up for a breath of air.

Two things came out of our conversation. We share a nearly lifelong scarcity of relationships with other men, and we have an enthusiasm for technology, information, the kingdom, and grand outcomes.



Steve shared: "our time together taught me something important which is: I thought I could wear the other guy out a lot more than I really can, and then I met my match and had a wonderfully long time with my new friend Daniel."

A lesson for me is that as a creator preparing things in advance of an audience when I find someone listening then it's super easy for me to firehose them with everything I believe in multiple facets - just like the landscape surrounding us.

I'm learning to say more with fewer words!

To summarize: our dendrites limit the amount of new information we can digest. My enthusiasm for the content can overwhelm others. Wisdom comes in being able to meter that delivery - to throttle it - regardless of whether it is still in the corpus. Digital agents also need to throttle recommendations to not flood recipients.

The landscape of Badlands is a half surrounding circle with many fabulous facets. It resembles my conversation with Steve yesterday. He let me do a complete panorama of Scotomaville. I learned it's not considerate to stuff that much information into the human brain. We can't grow dendrites that fast. My recollection of the conversation has bookends. It is summarized as: "that was an enthusiastic and passionate exchange of ideas that probably wore both of us out."

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Our brain stores a summary of the beginning and the ending of memorable experiences like bookends. Consider a two-week-long vacation out of SCOTOMAVILLE. It might have started with stressful traffic going to the airport, and ended with exhaustion from a red-eye flight back to SCOTOMAVILLE. Although there were a dozen wonderful days on the beach, our memory is reduced to: "that was a chaotic vacation. Let's not do that again!"



If you're in SCOTOMAVILLE or a small community and get in line to check out your groceries, notice if the assistants are looking at each other - making facial gestures like: "please don't let him come to my register!"

Let me practice that insight by purposefully not using the remaining hundred video clips in this reflection episode!

I hope that that helps you get your butt out of Scotomaville [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

Your Personal Everest

The greatest expedition you will ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding, as the prize is not in discovering new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.


We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success.
Samuel Smiles


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