SCOTOMAVILLE 01.14 Triangulation

"Roger Bannister ran a four-minute mile. Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Everest. If someone's done it, then maybe I can to! Abraham Maslow defined actualization. But who do you know that actually has done it!?"

"There has never been a better time in history to deal with self-awareness and during a lock-down, stay at home order, the global pandemic. A bold point I'm trying to make? If Daniel says he has summited his personal Everest, and I see that it's possible, with this circumstance and timing and, well then, maybe it's possible for me!? Absolutely! That's the point I'm trying to make. I'm trying to help you understand that I believe this is what it is to be self-aware - is that you don't get drowned by the waves of life. That you're actually able to be generous, lavish with your time and your compassion and consideration for others, in spite of you being in the same situation. "

"There's a saying that goes: 'Hope deferred makes the heart sick.' What that means is when you've had your hope on something that turns out that it's not gonna happen or that it's just not now, it can really discourage you. It can be used as the glue to stick another artifact onto a false belief. We want to pry those off, we want to undo that and triangulation will really help. Let's start with a compass. There's a 360 degrees in a compass. And these are all incremented off to the number of degrees all the way around, okay?"

"The thought occurs to me that three points of reference for triangulation are basic for confidence in your location. Two, if you've got a partner, a coach, a mentor, something like that? That can help substantially from being solo. One point of reference? And if you don't have traction, like you're blown offshore on your surfboard or your floaty device? And you can only see the island to paddle back to but you've just run out of energy? Man, most of America knows what that's like right now. "

"Loss of hope, loss of faith, and no traction, no finances, fear dominant in that lower section. So do everything you can to find a second point of location. Your minion, your tribe, your peer group, your support group, whatever you want to call it. A second point of reference. And a third point? Get some traction, get some history. Look to what you've done or other people have done and follow them. Do that. That'll really help. "

"Triangulation is a really terrific model, exercise or process to go through. To be able to flip yourself from disappointment and despair and discouragement and possibly even depression, it's a really good tool to apply when you're lost. When you don't know truth from fiction and you're having an amygdala hijacking. It's a really good way to use fact, evidenced-based data, to be able to restore your hope and get you moving, using faith. "

Key Points

  • Never go it alone. Find a partner, an ally or a mate.
  • Make decisions with no less than three points of reference
  • Don't accept what most people believe. Most people aren't trying new stuff.



  1. Use your mental tools to figure out why you are going it solo
  2. Take steps to fill your triangulation chart with new points of reference
  3. Build a minyan, tribe, peer group or at least a partnership
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Challenge Your Personal Everest

The Greatest Expedition you'll ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding. I invite you on that journey!

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