SCOTOMAVILLE Personal Development Base Camp Summit

"I once asked leaders at Ashoka; "who mentors the Mentors, and who leads the Leaders?" They slowly shook their heads.

"The Scotomaville Base Camp Summit is my answer to that question. It's a solution to leader burnout, frustration, ill-health, and overwhelming amygdala hyjackings.

"Understanding facets of 'Why We Do What We Do' will provide fresh insights that renew your resolve and confidence in solving tough challenges. I created Scotomaville to guide explorers with tangible tools that lead to healing with understanding. I hope your curiosity and ambition match this unique opportunity. Let's guide others to chart a new path by committing to their Personal Everest."

Daniel Comp


A BASE CAMP is a staging area used by mountaineers to prepare for an expedition. It provides supplies, shelter, and communications for persons engaged in supporting an expedition (a journey with a purpose). The Scotomaville base camp is beside Lake Whitney, Texas, at Parson's Castle. We'll convene in early October, 2022, in a castle turret, and by the pool, and around our 30' Airstream Globetrotter.


A SUMMIT is a gathering of people who care deeply about the same topic, or a meeting between people interested in reaching the peak of a mountain. This summit will outfit participants with the tools of Scotomaville to be used on a 'Personal Everest' of growth and transformation. We'll introduce and outfit leaders with methods of guiding by example, using self-reflection and video modeling.


Designed for Veteran Service Providers, Wounded Warriors, Small Business Owners, and Enterprising Couples , especially all those gifted with Aspergers. Daniel Comp, the author/curator of Scotomaville will facilitate the BASE CAMP SUMMIT with presentations, interactive exercises and many small group discussions. We'll have startling insights, cook great food, introduce new friendships, and play on the lake with water toys.


The BASE CAMP SUMMIT is designed as a participatory event with interactive sessions filled with applicable tips, insights, and shared best practices of the participants.

This is a highly interactive summit, not a stage-to-audience thing. Presentations are designed to engage each participant in small group discussion. Each hour we will shuffle the participant seating and have a new round of  '60sec' group participant introductions to ensure every attendee leaves with dozens of new introductions and insights.



We believe the greatest expedition you will ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding. An expedition is defined as a journey with a purpose. The aim of the summit is to equip participants with unexpected insights that are coupled with understanding, from which new beliefs, attitudes and behaviors can be formed.

We are surrounded with super-computers pointed at our brains. 'KNOW THYSELF' is no longer a luxury, it's a full-out competition. This event is a quick-start for leading vets and other leaders toward a more meaningful reward in the midst of certain change and information noise.



Scotomaville has a private syndication of 4600+ websites to nationally publish content from each participant. You'll have the option to record a couple of minute video to be posted to YouTube, the transcript becomes a draft article, both can be syndicated to extend your expertise. This means you can review presentations by each participant long after the physical event. Google will list many of the syndicated pages for those not able to attend in-person.


The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.
Jean Baptiste Molier



   All Day: arrival and check-in
   Optional: private rest, small conversation, or river action-sports
   Optional: 4 PM - Meet and Greet @ Main Floor or Riverside

Main Floor or Riverfront Event Site
   First Session - v1 tools 9 AM-11 AM
       'Philosophy' participatory w/ small group discussions

  • physical blind-spots
  • mental blind-spots
  • hoppers game strategy

    Lunch Break

    Second Session - v1 tools 1 PM - 3 PM
        'Practices' participatory w/ small group discussions

  • biology and psychology gaming
  • strengths offending
  • story telling
  • video journals

    Optional Session 5 PM - 7 PM
        personal time, or action water-sports


Main Floor or Riverfront or Slopeside
    Third Session 9 AM - 11 AM
        'Wellness' participatory w/ small group discussions

  • nutrition
  • stress
  • exersize
  • sleep
  • money
  • community

    Lunch Break

    Fourth Session - leadership 1 PM - 3 PM
    'Street-Smarts' participatory w/ small group discussions

  • painting outcomes
  • patience and accountability
  • costs & gotchas
  • tweaks & upgrades
  • strategy
  • open forum hour


Main Floor or Riverfront or Slopeside
    Fifth Session 9 AM - 11 AM
        'Wellness' participatory w/ small group discussions

  • painting outcomes
  • patience and accountability
  • roped-in
  • incremental progress
  • peer support and celebration

    Lunch Break


    Sixth Session - leadership 1 PM - 3 PM
    'Street-Smarts' participatory w/ small group discussions

  • costs & gotchas
  • tweaks & upgrades
  • strategy
  • open forum hour


   All Day: check-out and departure
   Optional: poolside lounging, or lake action sports
   Optional: 9 AM - Breakfast @ Main Turret or Deck



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