The Scotomaville Certification Program prepares service providers for competency in utilizing and delivering the Self-awareness and Reflection Care program with the understanding gained by personal experience of the 30 episode video series, a 336-page full-color workbook, and a rich-featured online portal for participants' guidance and facilitator support.

The Scotomaville program utilizes an IMPARTATION METHODOLOGY that leads the participants in self-reflection via video modeling of the authors. In addition, the impartation model fosters and scales the personal transformation of the participant by nurturing them through the community development process: I Do - You Watch, We Do - We Watch, You Do - I Watch .

Following certification, facilitators may choose to license a regionally exclusive portal to which the QR codes in a custom printed workbook link directly for exclusive group discussion, peer support, and leader guidance. Watch the 'Platform' video for a brief walk-through below.

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The Program is self-paced, with roughly 35-40 hours of participation. We recommend completing an episode a week with an hour of effort over an eight-month period. The 30 video episodes are co-ordinated with a 336-page full-color workbook that has QR links to the the online discussion for each episode, For those with a licensed portal, the QR codes in a custom workbook link to your exclusive portal for discussion and support.

The series aims to prepare and guide participants through a fun sequence of insights to mimic the authors by taking on their journey with a purpose to understand (WTDWTD) why they do what they do and, better, what to do about it. See Abstract below.


We don't see things the way that they are. We're 100% wrong 50% of the time. Through exercises and demonstrations, you can see your failures as opportunities to lead and stop the emotional outbursts that result in hardships. With 15 new tools, combined with online support and guidance, participants can conquer their challenges by climbing their 'Personal Everest.'

  • Your Scotomas | 11:19
  • Pattern Recognition | 10:16
  • Misperception | 5:26
  • Scarcity | 17:04
  • Abundance | 15:21
  • Heiroglyphics | 16:48
  • Onion Peeling | 19:31
  • Fixation | 24:49
  • Emotional Vocabulary | 18:56
  • Creating Silence | 13:00
  • Feed Your Gut | 13:51
  • It Needs Work | 12:36
  • Strengths Offender | 19:44
  • Triangulation | 18:31
  • Curves | 15:38
  • Seque | 15:37


An expedition is a journey with a purpose. With new AWARENESS tools in hand, you'll watch Daniel and Angelina overcome numerous challenges, in addition to the Pandemic. You'll see the mental tools applied to obstacles and learn to mimic practices that will slowly change your trajectory and, ultimately, your destiny. Finally, Daniel demonstrates the tools in action - applied to events as they happened.

  • Prelude | 9:15
  • Persistence | 24:04
  • Process | 21:37
  • Expectations | 21:22
  • Patience | 20:33
  • Preparation | 24:37
  • Setbacks | 19:27
  • Strategy 1 | 21:41
  • Strategy 2 | 20:51
  • Subtleties | 24:47
  • Squalls | 22:00
  • Satisfaction | 22:57
  • Self Care | 29:23
  • Stories | 25:26



I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity.
John D. Rockefeller





Most people respond to chaos and stress with coping mechanisms, amygdala hijackings, and reactive behavior. For some of us, curiosity dominates. We want to know "Why We Do What We Do." and are committed to exploring the unknown... to 'Know Thyself'. The Author cycled across America three times asking this.

The pandemic has challenged us with hardships, losses, setbacks, missed opportunities, and personal drama. (1) Americans are weary of rapidly accelerating change.

We are flooded with messaging that games our biological and psychological bents. (2) Emotions easily overwhelm our reasoning to control our actions. We're further conflicted by being 100% wrong 50% of the time. (3) (4)

We're hoodwinked and bamboozled by tech, media, and popular narratives using trickery, flattery, and omission. (5) The adage to 'Know Thyself' is no longer a luxury. It's become a full-out competition with supercomputers pointed at our brains. (6)



The Scotomaville program utilizes an IMPARTATION METHODOLOGY that leads the participants in self-reflection via video modeling of the authors. In addition, the impartation model fosters and scales the personal transformation of the participant by nurturing them through the community development process:
I Do - You Watch, We Do - We Watch, You Do - I Watch

(I Do - You Watch)
The authors have unique insights as owners of a media, marketing, and web technology firm since '97 (before Google). (7) By video journaling their 'journey with a purpose', they demonstrate the use of 15 mental tools, simple tests, and insights that help to overcome day-to-day challenges.

With a smartphone participants can mimic the resiliency of Daniel and Angelina to advance, despite challenges, as they champion a decades-long recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, financial setbacks, lost opportunities, and chronic stress.

(We Do - We Watch)
The thirty episodes, and chapters of the 335-page guide, are cross-linked by QR codes to an online discussion for subscribers. Peer support, mentoring, and 1-on-1 private ticketing with the author(s) are available. Participant and sponsor recognition is optional across the syndication of 4500+ websites. (8)

(You Do - I Watch)
Upcoming are base camp summits, private retreats, and physical expeditions for leaders. With a licensed platform, a certified leader can facilitate individuals and groups to "follow in the way which they began".



By climbing a 'Personal Everest' and testing for oneself, the claims of W.H. Murray, and the Authors that Personal Expeditions are filled with "unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no one could have dreamt would have come their way" (9) participating explorers can develop clarity, stability, healing, and successes by gaming their own biases.

Personal transformation begins with awareness of one's physical and mental self. When combined with understanding, support, and discipline, incremental character change transforms one's beliefs, attitudes, and behavior.

By demonstrating that our gut and brain are interdependent, that sleep and stress affect choices, and that going alone is dangerous, SCOTOMAVILLE gives insights and examples for others to mimic while gaming their inherent cognitive biases.



A 'Personal Everest' is a journey with a purpose.

"But at least learn your inability... and ask the remedy for it. Learn of those who have been bound like you... These are people who know the way which you would follow, and who are cured of an ill of which you would be cured. Follow the way by which they began... "

A Personal Everest is a journey with a purpose. It is a self-defined expedition of personal development, with support and guidance.

SCOTOMAVILLE is an unconventional and effective self-help model and platform with a convincing challenge: We can change our life experiences by gaming our own handicaps, strengthening alliances, challenging our shortcomings and changing our false beliefs by taking on our Personal Everest.


the BOOK

Discover WYDWYD. Stop being gamed, bamboozled, and hoodwinked by media and tech.