Young Adults + Noble Veterans

Thurs. Feb. 16th - The Dalles       Thurs. Feb. 23rd - Hood River

If you are a Veteran, a Spouse, or military family member, a patriot, or service provider, then I'd love to have a conversation with you. You are invited for an evening filled with insights, and solutions to consider making sense of the chaos and change we're all going through. Scotomaville is a video series, a workbook, and a support platform for curious explorers to have peer support in order to champion challenges. You can watch videos in advance, follow me on twitter, and pre-register for this event. If you have questions, text me @ 210-557-4779

Daniel Comp - local veteran author/curator of Scotomaville

The Dalles Feb. 16th   download to print


Hood River Feb. 23rd   download to print


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The Scotomaville program is especially suited for self-motivated personal development candidates, including:

  • Curious Explorers
  • Ambitious Entrepreneurs
  • Functional Aspergians
  • Military Veterans
  • Veteran Service Providers
  • Wounded Warriors
  • Christian Storytellers
  • Noble Fathers
  • Fatherless Champions


  • 48 Video Episodes
  • 336 page Full color guide
  • Multi-device Platform
  • Author-supported learning
  • Peer-supported discussion
  • Regional meet-ups
  • National Syndication
  • Fully-supported Expeditions
  • Personal Everest Kits
  • 48 Week Base Camps
  • 3-day 4-night Summits


The Scotomaville personal growth program blends integrative mental and physical wellness with author-supported self-reflection video modeling to facilitate personal and professional transformation.

Participants meet weekly as a small-group to watch and discuss episodes, and practical applications of the topic. They can then share with all participants online, and ask private questions with the author through a secure portal. Peer support and guidance is ongoing online, and with regional meetups, and base camp summits.