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Desire . . . will in due time externalize itself as a concrete fact.


Daniel Comp - Author/Curator An Expedition is a 'journey with a purpose.' Before fully committing, there seem to be insurmountable challenges, such as logistics, finances, weather, and fears. I've cycled nearly 40,000 miles and explored for most of my life. I've experienced much of the unexpected, prized, and memorable. Fortunately, most of what holds us back is nothing more than a belief.

The good news is that we can change our beliefs. We can follow in the way someone achieved before us while paying close attention to what is around us. We can learn how to learn. We can transform our false beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors by choice.


The map above has locations, dates, and images from many of the places we shot Scotomaville. You can imagine this is but a small sample of our journey. I want you to document your adventure and leave a legacy.

I encourage you to step out of the known day-to-day with an expectation of learning something new, traveling a different route, and seeking information from reliable sources.

I believe the Greatest Expedition you will ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding. I invite you on such an adventure.

Daniel Comp