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Daniel Comp

Scotomaville Vol 1-2

Volume One and Two of the Scotomaville Trilogy - Second Edition. 336 glossy full-color pages with QR links to the 30 videos.
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Daniel believes; "The greatest expedition you'll ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding."

A scotoma is a blindspot. We all have them. People are certain they see things as they are. Wrong. We are living in SCOTOMAVILLE.

The SCOTOMAVILLE Series demonstrates how we are gamed, hood-winked, and bamboozled by the super-computers pointed at our brains. Our biology and habits can do little to challenge the rapidly accelerating change we're flooded by. It's no longer a luxury to 'KNOW THYSELF'. It's a full-out competition.

The SCOTOMAVILLE Series guides participants from a base awareness of blind spots, illusions, and cognitive biases, into a practical understanding of day-to-day emotions, stressors, and false narratives aimed at misleading us with directives, recommendations, alarming news, popular memes, and much more, Participants are shown how to use storytelling as a Superpower rather than Kryptonite to change their trajectory and make better progress summiting their Personal Everest by strengthening their independence and resisting the constant offer of 'Bread and Circuses'.

By analogy; SCOTOMAVILLE equips an 'Expedition' - which is defined as a 'Journey with a Purpose'. As Explorers, we rarely head out of our comfortable tent with sufficient experience, guidance, and resources. We seem to be naively hopeful - much like the Fiat 500 on the cover. Without a modern minyan, we venture unguided with our belongings strapped to our back and little awareness of the conditions ahead. By example, Daniel demonstrates that when we fully commit, all sorts of things happen, providing insights, direction, and resources to transform the life we were handed into a life we design. The 'Expeditions' that SCOTOMAVILLE facilitates provide a sustainable and self-reinforcing pattern of personal growth and healing. You can ask Daniel's wife Angelina about that!

The SCOTOMAVILLE Series proposes that the story we tell ourselves, by gaming our own cognitive biases, when combined with wellness habits like restful sleep and feeding our guts provides the history and energy to overcome multi-faceted challenges. For parents and leaders, it delivers the first-hand experience to effectively guide others to discover their blind spots and champion their character growth.


The Book, Video Series, and Platform

SCOTOMAVILLE is an integrated video series and print guidebook that couples with an online support and training platform. Participants can watch the 'edutainment' videos on YouTube, read through the full-color book, and click-through to YouTube from the pages of each episode. With an optional monthly subscription, readers can interact with participants in group forums, and with the author in private 1-on-1 support sessions.

SCOTOMAVILLE is an interactive guide and workbook that spans 18 years of first-hand experience within 30 video episodes and across 336 full-color heavy-weight pages in a single spine coupling Volumes 1 and 2.

The first Volume introduces fifteen mental tools and insights that will change your awareness and worldview. "We don't see things the way THEY are. We see things the way WE are." The problem is; we haven't learned how our brain and body take shortcuts and are easily misled when surrounded by chaos, a shortage of meaning, and little time and resources to actually 'Know Thyself'.

The second Volume demonstrates the application of the tools to real-life challenges, as they appear, unscripted starting just before the global pandemic. Through a series of failures, setbacks and missed opportunities Daniel demonstrates how to discover blind spots, sort out truth vs. narrative and take action to correct one's false beliefs. Participants will learn to apply the mental tools and wellness practices to affect their clarity, temperament and physical body - which directly change the opportunities we recognize and the outcomes we pursue.


The Author and Curator

Daniel Comp is the Author and Curator of 'Scotomaville'. Daniel is a respected husband, father, entrepreneur and, US Navy Veteran. He's demonstrated decades of sacrificial commitment to human achievement by working with solo-preneurs and challenged business owners using core principles of perseverance and resourcefulness.


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