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MOUNTAINEER Subscription

Silver MOUNTAINEER subscription with Monthly Zoom, Discussion, Streaming Video and PDF Downloads
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Have you ever gone for a walk or pulled over on the side of the road asking yourself; why do I do that?

I'm Daniel Comp, the Author, and Curator of the SCOTOMAVILLE Trilogy. I bicycled across America three times trying to answer that question.

Over 16 years, and through a dozen long 'Expeditions' I found a set of mental tools and video journaling skills which gave me a strong awareness of my strengths, quirks, and false beliefs. With some discipline, I turned that awareness into understanding and began a transformational journey maturing my character, rather than simply aging.

I wish a similar outcome for you.


Watch the Prelude to Volume Two for a quick sample and evidence of my claims.


Thirty Real-life Video Episodes/Chapters

In the 16 video Episodes and 16 print Chapters of VOLUME One, I introduce insights and mental tools that will give you greater personal awareness including a sharper worldview. You'll start resolving long-standing habits that seem to sabotage opportunities and complicate personal relationships. You'll laugh with me at how being 100% wrong 50% of the time is a good thing for you and the people you interact with.

The 14 video Episodes and 14 print Chapters of VOLUME Two demonstrate the application of the tools to real-life events, as they happen. I use examples from our Airstream adventures during the Pandemic, including multiple failures, loss of income and opportunity, home, and welcome. Guys will relate to the challenges and problem-solving insights and strategies.

My wife, and business partner Angelina, contributes to the thirty episodes with humor and credible advice, having previously recovered from a devastating traumatic brain injury. You'll be able to mimic us in your psychology and physiology, reducing fear and stress, adding confidence, and making meaningful ground on your 'Personal Everest'. You will quite literally 'watch' changes in my beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors while beginning your own journey with a purpose.


Participate through different levels of commitment and at your pace.

The 'EXPLORER' subscription is a starting point. It's self-paced with video streaming and PDF downloads of each Episode/Chapter. After watching each Episode you can post questions and review answers/comments made by other subscribing participants.

The 'MOUNTAINEER' subscription steps the Explorer base up by adding a monthly group Zoom with the Author(s) for you to meet other participants and to ask specific questions of the Author(s)/Curator in the Discussion areas of

The 'GUIDE' subscription is a leadership-level support and training experience. It extends the Mountaineer subscription with an autographed full-color print copy of SCOTOMAVILLE Vol 1 2. You'll also have private support 'ticketing' with the Author(s)/Curator. You'll have the option of participating in two monthly 'Guide' video group Zooms. On top of the peer and Author support is an option to have your 'Personal Everest' insights syndicated across a network of over 4600 websites, reaching other Vets and Overcomers nationwide.

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