Creating AI Visual Media for SCOTOMAVILLE


The digital age is characterized by vibrant visuals, compelling media, and the ability to tell stories through images and animations. Session 7 propels SCOTOMAVILLE participants into the heart of AI-driven visual media creation. Using tools like D-ID. Midjourney and Dalle2, SCOTOMAVILLE attendees will immerse themselves in the art of animating characters and crafting unique visual narratives. The principles of Benoit Mandelbrot introduce the intricacy and beauty AI can achieve in visual artistry. Beyond creation, the session emphasizes the importance of assessing the impact of these visuals, drawing on Abraham Maslow's insights into human needs and Carl Rogers' approach to understanding psychological reactions. Helen Keller's story serves as a beacon, emphasizing the power of perception beyond visuals. By the session's close, participants will not only be adept at crafting AI-generated visual content but also equipped to gauge its resonance and impact across SCOTOMAVILLE, ensuring their creations truly connect with their desired audiences.



  • D-ID: Expertise in animating characters.
  • Eleven Labs: Creating voice files.
  • Dalle2 & Midjourney: Visual media creation and strategic AI applications.
  • Abraham Maslow: Assessing needs and impacts.
  • Maslow & Rogers: Humanistic approach to impact assessment.
  • Thomas Edison: Pioneering inventions and understanding impact.


  • Harnessing AI for Visual Media Creation: Introducing the participants to the tools and techniques that allow AI to craft visual content.
  • Aesthetic and Ethical Considerations: Discussing the balance between art, authenticity, and the ethical ramifications of AI-produced visuals.
  • Impact Assessment: Teaching participants how to measure the effects of AI-generated visuals on their target audiences.
  • Setting the Scene for Session 8: Preparing participants for the final reflection and forward-looking discussion.


  • Participants will be able to use AI tools to generate visual media.
  • Participants will understand the line between originality and AI-assisted creativity.
  • Participants will be equipped to evaluate the success and implications of their AI-generated content.
  • Participants will be prepared for a deep reflective session in Session 8.


Introduction to AI in Visual Media:
  • Overview of how AI algorithms can generate images, animations, and more.
  • Thomas Edison: Drawing inspiration from his innovative spirit, recognizing the limitless potential of new technologies in shaping visual experiences.
Hands-On with Visual AI Tools:
  • Workshops on tools like D-ID, Dalle2, Midjourney, etc.
  • Benoit Mandelbrot: Introducing the concept of fractals, illustrating the complexity and intricacy AI can achieve in visual creations.
Aesthetics, Authenticity, and AI:
  • Discussing the balance of human touch and AI assistance in creating authentic visuals.
  • Amelia Earhart: Emphasizing the need for courage in exploring new frontiers of visual media.
Ethical Considerations in AI Visuals:
  • Deepfakes, misrepresentation, and the potential dangers of indistinguishable AI-generated content.
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Reiterating the need for integrity and authenticity, especially when it comes to potentially deceptive technologies.
Assessing the Impact of AI Visuals:
  • Methods to gauge audience reactions, feedback, and the effectiveness of AI-generated content.
  • Abraham Maslow & Carl Rogers: Applying a humanistic approach to assess the human needs and psychological impacts of AI visuals.
Limitations of AI in Visual Artistry:
  • Discussing the boundaries of AI and the irreplaceable value of human creativity.
  • Helen Keller: Drawing inspiration from her resilience, emphasizing the unique human ability to perceive and appreciate beauty beyond mere visuals.
Preparation for Session 8:
  • Reflecting on the journey thus far and anticipating the final reflections in the subsequent session.
  • Sarah Little-Turnbull: Celebrating the fusion of creativity and technology, instilling a sense of anticipation for the culminating insights of Session 8.

This session will center around the artistic capabilities of AI and its potential to generate visual content. Furthermore, it will guide participants in critically analyzing the impacts of these AI-generated visuals, ensuring they are effective and resonate with their intended audiences. Following Session 7, participants should be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to harness AI in their visual media endeavors. Furthermore, they should be poised to contemplate deeply on their journey with AI, eagerly looking forward to the reflections and future-forward discussions of Session 8.


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