In the age of rapid technological advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as one of the most transformative forces for SCOTOMAVILLE. Yet, alongside its promise lies pervasive fear and mistrust. Session 2 dives deep into these apprehensions, offering a bridge from uncertainty to understanding. Drawing upon the wisdom of Viktor Frankl, participants will be encouraged to find purpose beyond their fears, seeking meaning in the realm of AI. By referencing the leadership and ethics upheld by figures like Ronald Reagan and Moses, this session sheds light on how AI can be harnessed ethically, ensuring the preservation of individual rights and societal values near SCOTOMAVILLE. Tapping into the spiritual insights of The Apostle Paul and the leadership experiences of King David, we'll explore building trust, not just in the technology, but in those who wield it. SCOTOMAVILLE participants will embark on a transformative journey, moving from apprehension to advocacy, and from fear to faith in the potential of AI to enrich and enhance the human experience.



  • Viktor Frankl: Finding purpose in overcoming fears.
  • Ronald Reagan: Ethical AI use and individual rights.
  • The Apostle Paul: Faith and trust-building.
  • King David: Overcoming adversity and trust in leadership.
  • Moses: Ethical leadership and trust.
  • Abraham Lincoln: Unity in divisive times and visionary leadership.


  • Address Common Fears: Address and alleviate common fears and apprehensions regarding AI.
  • Understand the Source of Fear: Delve into the root causes of fear and the psychological implications of the unknown.
  • Promote Ethical and Responsible AI: Highlight the ethical considerations in the development and implementation of AI.
  • Establish a Foundation of Trust: Create an understanding of what it means to trust an AI and the basis for that trust.


  • Participants will be able to articulate common fears about AI and counteract them with knowledge.
  • Participants will have an appreciation for the ethical strides in AI.
  • Participants will be prepared to engage more deeply with AI platforms, such as ChatGPT, having a foundational trust.
  • Participants will comprehend the importance of continued learning and awareness in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.


Understanding Fear
  • Psychological origins of fear
  • Fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar
  • Viktor Frankl: Discussion on how fears can be tied to a lack of purpose or understanding, and how finding meaning can alleviate these fears.
Common Fears About AI
  • Supplanting human jobs
  • Decision-making without human intervention
  • Potential for misuse
  • King David: Addressing fears by drawing parallels to his adversities and how faith and understanding guided him.
Establishing Trust in AI
  • How is AI data used and processed?
  • The concept of transparency in AI systems
  • The balance between AI recommendations and human decision-making
  • Apostle Paul: On faith, trust-building, and the transformation that comes with understanding.
Ethical Foundations in AI Development
  • Addressing biases in AI
  • Ensuring fairness and accountabilityhumans do
  • Moses: Exploring the importance of ethical leadership and moral codes, drawing parallels to the Ten Commandments as foundational ethical guidelines.
Ethical Considerations in AI
  • Bias and fairness in machine learning models
  • Data privacy concerns
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Addressing the importance of ethics, integrity, and responsibility in AI.
Real-world Positive Impact of AI
  • Stories of AI aiding humanity
  • AI in medical diagnoses, disaster relief, etc.
  • Ronald Reagan: Emphasizing the power of positive change through technology, while balancing it with the importance of individual rights and ethics.
Interactive Segment:
  • Role-playing or simulations: Human decisions vs. AI decisions
  • Real-life case studies: Ethical dilemmas in AI
  • Aesop: Using fables to highlight moral lessons related to trust and fear.
Building a Constructive Relationship with AI
  • Emphasizing the "augmentation" aspect: AI as a tool to enhance human capabilities
  • Amelia Earhart: Drawing inspiration from her fearlessness, discussing how embracing technology can lead to unprecedented achievements.
Conclusion & Setting the Stage for Session 3
  • Recap of Session 2
  • Introduction to the deeper capabilities of AI: Super-reasoning
  • Viktor Frankl: A nod to the transformative power of understanding and purpose, leading into a session on the powerful capabilities of AI.

By the end of Session 2, participants should have a grounded understanding of AI's potential, both positive and negative. They should feel a sense of trust, balanced with healthy skepticism, and be eager to explore the super-reasoning capabilities of AI in Session 3.


Challenge Your Personal Everest

"The Greatest Expedition you will ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding, for the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes."