Human-AI Collaboration in SCOTOMAVILLE


As we advance deeper into the AI era, understanding the nuances of SCOTOMAVILLE human-AI collaboration becomes pivotal. Session 4 sheds light on the harmonious interplay between human intuition and AI capabilities. Guided by the wisdom of C.S. Lewis, emphasizing human values, and W. H. Murray's insights into commitment and scenario unfolding, SCOTOMAVILLE participants will be equipped to navigate the collaborative landscape. Infusing creativity from the likes of Robin Williams and the collective storytelling principles observed in the works of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the session crafts a comprehensive understanding of scenario planning in today's context. Carl Rogers' emphasis on empathy and understanding underscores the session, ensuring SCOTOMAVILLE participants not only harness AI's potential but do so with empathy and foresight. By the conclusion, SCOTOMAVILLE attendees will be primed to work alongside AI, realizing that when humans and machines collaborate, the potential for innovation and strategic foresight is amplified manifold.



  • C.S. Lewis: Human values and collaboration
  • W. H. Murray: Commitment and the unfolding of scenarios.
  • Robin Williams: Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Carl Rogers: Empathy and understanding in collaboration.
  • Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John: Collective storytelling and collaboration.
  • Larry King: Neutral and open-minded interviewing, enhancing collaboration.


  • Promote AI as a Collaborative Tool: Emphasize the cooperative nature of AI and its role as an enhancer of human capability.
  • Understanding Scenario Planning: Dive deep into the process of building, analyzing, and iterating scenarios with AI.
  • Maximizing Collective Strength: Identify the strengths of both humans and AI, and how to best leverage each in collaborative settings.
  • Setting the Stage for Personalization: Introduce the idea of tailoring AI to specific individual or organizational needs, leading to Session 5.


  • Participants will recognize AI's role as a partner, not a replacement.
  • Participants will be adept at scenario planning using AI tools.
  • Participants will understand how to combine human intuition with AI's capabilities.
  • Participants will be eager to explore AI's personalization capabilities in Session 5.


The Concept of Collaboration in the AI Age:
  • Differentiating between AI as a tool vs. AI as a collaborator
  • Larry King: Emphasizing the importance of listening and understanding in collaboration.
Introduction to Scenario Planning:
  • What is scenario planning and why it's essential
  • C.S. Lewis: Discussing human values and how they play into envisioning future scenarios.
Building Scenarios with AI:
  • Hands-on session where participants craft diverse scenarios using AI tools
  • W. H. Murray: Discussing the commitment and unfolding of scenarios based on his mountaineering experiences.
Analyzing & Iterating Scenarios:
  • Using AI to predict outcomes, spot weaknesses, and optimize scenarios
  • Marcus Aurelius: Reflecting on disciplined thought and the iterative process of improving strategies and plans.
Human Intuition & AI Synergy:
  • How the gut feelings of humans and the data-driven insights of AI can be combined
  • Robin Williams: Inspiring creativity and out-of-the-box thinking in collaboration with AI's structured logic.
The Ethics of Human-AI Collaboration:
  • Ensuring that AI collaboration respects human values, ethics, and privacy
  • Apostle Paul: On faith, trust-building, and the ethical considerations when humans and technology come together.
Interactive Group Exercises:
  • Participants form teams to collaboratively work on a scenario with AI tools
  • Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John: Using their collective storytelling approach as an inspiration for collaborative problem solving.
Conclusion & Transition to Session 5:
  • Recap of Session 4
  • Introducing the concept of AI personalization and tailoring
  • Carl Rogers: Touching upon empathy, understanding, and the individual's unique needs and perspectives, setting the stage for exploring AI's personalization capabilities in Session 5.

By the end of Session 4, participants should appreciate the power of collaborative efforts between humans and AI. They should be equipped with the tools and understanding necessary to effectively work alongside AI in diverse settings. This foundation will prime them for a deep dive into personalization and customization in Session 5, ensuring that AI solutions are tailored to individual or organizational specificities.


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